Mistresses of Mayhem | BIO
  • Who are The Mistresses of Mayhem?
  • More than just three ladies causing some mayhem, The Mistresses of Mayhem are promoters, DJ's, event hosts, and more.

    The Mistresses of Mayhem was founded on the idea that there are many great artists in the world that do not get the exposer they deserve. The Mistresses want to change that and give support to the unsigned, underground, and unknowns of the metal industry.

    Along with conducting interviews and playing the music on the multiple shows that the Mistresses host, they partner with promoters and work with industry leaders to enhance the exposer of the independent metal scene.

  • Support Your Local Metal Scene
  • Starting in 2009 on a small community radio station, the Mistresses have been growing ever since. Currently The Mistresses of Mayhem host two seperate shows, the first is a 3 hour weekly show on Metal Local Radio titled simply, The Mistresses of Mayhem. This show is a weekly broadcast that encorporates requests from around the world and displays artists of all types. Signed, unsigned, arena fillers and bar bands. It is a no holds bar show where anything can happen and anything can be said.

    The second show is hosted on MTRadio.net and Metal Local Radio, titled The Mistresses of Mayhem Present: Montana Metal. Montana Metal is a special show that is one hour long and only hosts Montana Artists. The Mistresses will talk about upcoming shows in the market, discuss personal shinanigins with the bands and of course where the listeners can get more information about the artists you will hear.


    Click on a name and enjoy the mayhem