Go ahead...stalk me...

Perky, fun, mischievous, and sexy... I am Mistress Anicey! Likely to been heard and barely seen (unless I'm flashing you), my journey began on a little collage radio station doing the last show of the night from 11pm to 2 am, mainly because of the nature of the show (a little to naughty for mainstream). Anicey and Friends was always full of chaos and mayhem. It was a show of music from all kinds, metal, rap, industrial, pop, and any music that made you bounce and encouraged a lot of sexual harassment for all who were in the studio with me and to all who listened. After a little over a year of Anicey and Friends, I made the change to a mid day show, which meant toning down what was done and said over the airwaves. The show continued to have lots of great tunes and happy chaos.

Many people have joined in the chaos and harassed the world with me, sharing their love of music and live shows. After a few months, MIstress Oycey joined me and the show evolved into the Mistresses of Mayhem. The Mistresses of Mayhem gladly let others aspiring radio personalities, up and coming bands, and other happy/naughty people come and join the mayhem. The show then evolved into the greatness it is today when Mistress Engel was emancipated from the debauchery of being a duchess and never returned.

Now the Mistresses are freed of the restrictions of radio, we no longer need to watch what we say, wondering if someone would be offended and tell big brother. That's because our shows are online! We know the world could be offended… and if not we will try harder. Our faithful followers from our radio days still get the fun personalities, the awesome tunes, and the naughty high jinx that they would expect from the Mistresses of Mayhem.