Go ahead...stalk me...

They call me Engel, although I'm not always that sweet and innocent. I first got into the music scene when I created the Rammstein-America facebook page now known as Rammstein USA. Although it was never intended, the page launched me into the world of promotions, concert coordinating, DJing, and of couse Mistress shenanigans. Although I knew the Mistresses for a while before finally joining them on the dark side, I didn't officially join the Mistresses of Mayhem until August of 2012.

My tastes in music are mostly industrial. I listen to a lot of foreign metal including OOMPH, Amon Amarth, Motorhead, Rammstein, etc. I also like keeping it old school with bands such as KISS (Yes, I am a member of the KISS army), Joan Jett, Billy Idol, Alice Cooper, etc. I enjoy taking pictures of the "Behind the Scenes" of bands/musicians I have met. I enjoy sock puppets, people with interesting hair, making fun of people, and sarcasm. Keep it old school. Keep it classy. Keep it metal!