Go ahead...stalk me...

A metal head through and through, I am Mistress Oycey. Mistress Anicey and I started the Mistresses of Mayhem on a local college station in the fall of 2009. I started a Facebook page to not only promote our radio show, but as a way to network and find more music to play. Our goal was to do something that no other radio shows were doing, play local metal and unsigned metal bands, alongside the national and signed bands. I started looking for ways to get the local metal bands in my state the exposure they deserve. Not only on my radio show, but on the commercial stations around my state and around the world.

When I was just getting the Mistresses started, I began playing Montana Metal bands like Walking Corpse Syndrome, Universal Choke Sign, Undun and Blessiddoom. After a while, I started playing new unsigned bands from the states around like, A Balance of Power (UT), Arsenic Addiction (UT), Kreep (NV), Hemlock (NV). Then the floodgates opened and I began to get requests from bands all over the states requesting play time on "The Mistresses of Mayhem".

I had never done radio interviews with bands on the radio before but one day I was online and saw Andy LaPlegua of Combichrist post something about an interview he was doing and I said, hmm, I wonder if I could do interviews to help bands get more exposure and then I got brave and emailed Andy's manager and asked for an interview and had a response from him the next day. I had my very first interviewed and I was truly honored to do this interview, since I am such a huge fan of Andy's. Now under our belts for interviews we have interveiwed memebrs of Ministry, John 5, Prong, Hemlock, Madlife, Davey Suicide, Fuel, Against All Will, Love and Death, and many...many...many more!

I love to go to concerts, as well as throw a lot of metal themed parties. I am a naughty girl with a dirty mind, who likes to have fun. I love to talk about boobs, music, concerts, sex, sexual positions, and anything dirty. The show is not for the easily offended or prude people. The goal of "The Mistresses of Mayhem" is simple; spread the awesome tunes of new and old metal to the world. I hope you will join us on this journey.