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The Mistresses of Mayhem The Mistresses of Mayhem
The Mistresses of Mayhem promote & support signed & unsigned bands, artist, etc. \m/o\m/ There are three Mistresses of Mayhem: Mistress Oycey, Mistress Engel, and Mistress Anicey. Three awesome chicks and their unique music tastes. Mistress Oycey is the Metal head, the harder the better. Mistress Anicey is the Pop, Rock, & Rap music lover. Mistress Engel is the Industrial and overseas music lover. All three Mistresses LOVE METAL! Together, The Mistresses of Mayhem equal, fun, great music, and sexy mayhem.
MT Radio MT Radio
Montana Community Internet Broadcasting. Streaming 24/7 at Call 406-545-4496. Warning: Some Explicit Content!
NAIRMA-North American Independent Rock Music Association NAIRMA-North American Independent Rock Music Association
The North American Independent Rock Music Association is the only organization specifically devoted to the growth and development of independent musical artists in the genres of Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Punk and Hardcore. The Association is comprised of nearly 1,500 members representing the independent music industry and includes Performers, Producers, Directors, Engineers, Agents, Managers, Venue Owners, and Promoters, as well as various other Artisans, Technicians, and Executives. The Association recognizes creative and technical excellence through its annual NAIRMA AWARD Presentation Ceremony.
DJ-s0n DJ-s0n
A DJ of chaos! Bring the best of a combination of hard rock and heavy metal and mash it to the core with dance, dub and electronic remixes, sprinkle a little comedy and you have DJ-s0n! DJ-s0n's primary goal is to make you dance and smile! So put on a grin and move your @$$!!!

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